Breast Cancer Awareness Month

All during the month of October, look for the SuperHits 95.9 Crew in the community to get your complimentary pink SuperHits and Generations of Women t-shirt.

Generations of Women OB-GYN is Dedicated to Finding and Fighting Cancer and would like to invite the women of this community in to their office on Saturday, October 26th, from 10am til noon, for a lifesaving screening process.

Joined by Superhits 95.9, Dr. Mercado’s Generations of Women office will be open to the public on Saturday, October 26th, from 10am til noon, for an all important open house that could save your life.  It is so important to know your family history and discuss it with your doctor.

BRACAnalysis® assesses a woman's risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer based on detection of mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. This test has become the standard of care in identification of individuals with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  Colaris® Analysis could detect your risk of colon cancer and other gynecologic cancers like uterine cancer.

Join Superhits 95.9 and Generations of Women Saturday, October 26th, see the state-of-the-art office specially designed for Generations of Women, meet the Doctors and complete a simple questionnaire that will determine if you are in a high risk category.  If a blood test is deemed necessary, a Doctor will meet with you and you will be given the opportunity to have your blood tested on the spot – to determine if you have the gene that indicates a more careful and vigilant protocal is in your best interest.  

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