Sheila Quinn

Birth Date: July 2nd

Hometown: Erie, PA

Favorite SuperHits Group: The Moody Blues

Favorite TV Show: The West Wing

Favorite Food: All things Italian

Favorite Place To Hang Out: Home

Best Thing About The Fredericksburg Area: It has a home town feel but is in a major metropolitan area, between the capitals of the nation and the state, but also the beauty of the Shenandoah Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay.  It simply doesn't get any better. 

My Secret Talent:  If I tell you, it won't  be a secret.   

One Thing You Don't Know About Me: I love to cook!

How I Got Into Radio: I knew I wanted to be a news reporter from an early age and radio always seemed magical to me.  And I hear I have a face for radio. 

What I'd Be Doing if I Wasn't On 95.9: Being sad.  
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