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Hey it's Christal and welcome to my corner of the SuperHits world! I can't wait to share local findings here in Fredericksburg, great food discoveries, and more!

I’m a Navy brat, so that’s tough to pinpoint. I was born in Orlando, FL. I grew up in Norfolk, VA; St. Paul, MN; Portland, ME; and Carlton, MN. Then I spent 15 years in Grand Forks, ND (don’t ask me why, it’s really cold there) and now my hometown is the beautiful Fredericksburg, VA. I love the living history around every corner, to step out my front door onto hallowed ground is pretty amazing.  I love to visit the battlefields and wander through historic downtown. I love music! I’m addicted to the Food Network and the Travel Channel, and I’ll watch anything hosted by my celebrity crush, Adam Richman. And one thing you would never know about me, I’m a bona fide Parrot Head, going on 20 years now. I can’t get enough Jimmy Buffett.
by Christal posted Jan 28 2015 9:47AM
In 1985, dozens of music's top stars "left their egos at the door" and recorded a song written by Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Lionel Richie. Following the American Music Awards, 45 Artists including Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Kenny Rogers, Hall & OATES, TITO JACKSON, SHEILA E, and DAN AYKROYD spent all night recording " We Are The World". And who was the backing band for this amazing ensemble? Thats RIGHT/.. the equally amazing ensemble of TOTO! Toto was essential to "We Are The World" raising millions of dollars for starving people in Ethiopia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Glny4jSciVI
by Christal Blue posted May 9 2014 7:45AM
Meet Diana Jordan at the Women's Lifestyle Expo!  Saturday, May 10th - 1pm on the main stage in center court.  Spotslyvania Towne Center. 


Find More Diana: www.dianajordan.com
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by Christal Blue posted Apr 16 2014 9:08AM
Peter Billingsley is 43 today!  You know him as Ralphie in "A Christmas Story".  More recently, he was one of the executive producers for"Iron Man" and had a cameo as the guy who gets yelled at by Obadiah for not being able to duplicate Tony's Stark's work.  I had NO IDEA that was him until today...but if you listen carefully...there's his familiar voice. (Photo Credit: www.achristmasstoryhouse.com )

by Christal Blue posted Mar 17 2014 10:44AM
It was today in 1986 that the album "Hunting High and Low", by A-HA, and featuring "TAKE ON ME", went Platinum!  I submit:  BEST. VIDEO. EVER.  Why don’t we all re-live it’s pure awesomeness?  (Photo Credit:  www.musicstack.com)

by Christal Blue posted Mar 3 2014 10:05AM
Here were some of last night's Oscar highlights:
Before the show even started JENNIFER LAWRENCE had her SECOND OSCAR FALL in a row, when she wiped out on the red carpet.  And of course, ELLEN DEGENERES called her out on it in her opening monologue.
As host, Ellen was . . . well . . . Ellen DeGeneres.  And that's a good thing.  She was funny without going overboard or trying too hard. (Check out her monologue here.)
She also took a star-studded selfie (above) with Meryl StreepJulia RobertsJared LetoJennifer LawrenceBradley CooperChanning TatumKevin SpaceyBrad PittAngelina Jolie and Lupita Nyong'o that almost immediately broke the record for most re-Tweets.  By the time the Oscars ended, it had been re-Tweeted over TWO MILLION TIMES, and it actually crashed Twitter for a good twenty minutes. (Photo credit: www.twitter.com/TheEllenShow)
JARED LETO's acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor was basically a love letter to his mom.  But he also spoke out for the people of Venezuela and the Ukraine, along with the millions who've died of AIDS.
JIM CARREY introduced a montage of classic animated films, and tossed in his old "Dumb & Dumber" quote, "I was WAY off."  The sequel comes out in November.
And when BILL MURRAY presented the Cinematography award with AMY ADAMS, he ad-libbed a tribute to HAROLD RAMIS. After they named all the nominees, he said, quote, "Oh, we forgot one:  Harold Ramis for "Caddyshack""Ghostbusters" and "Groundhog Day".
MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY dropped an "Alright alright alright" into his Best Actor acceptance speech.  That's a callback to "Dazed & Confused".  (Here's video.)
LUPITA NYONG'O won Best Supporting Actress for "12 Years A Slave".  The man who presented her with the award was CHRISTOPH WALTZ . . . who won Best Supporting Actor last year for ANOTHER slavery movie,"Django Unchained".
JOHN TRAVOLTA introduced IDINA MENZEL, who sang "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen".  But he completely botched her name, calling her something that sounded like, "Adele Dazeem".  (???)  (Here's video.)
If you're into cult flicks, then this year's In Memoriam segment was for YOU.  Tom "Billy Jack" LaughlinJim "Black Belt Jones" Kelly, legendary monster maker Ray Harryhausen and Kung-Fu film producer Run Run Shaw all made the montage.
Names that didn't make it included Cory MonteithDennis FarinaJean Stapleton and Jonathan Winters.  Although to be fair, none are particularly well known for movie work.  (Check out the full list at Oscar.com.)
by Christal Blue posted Feb 25 2014 11:29AM
Sean Astin is 43 today!  You know... "Rudy", Samwise Gamgee in "The Lord of the Rings", Mikey in "Goonies" and Doug the meathead in "50 First Dates"...

Sean's adopted father is John Astin, the SUPERSTAR who played Gomez Addams on "The Addams Family", the alternate Riddler on "Batman" AND Professor Gangreen in "Return of the Killer Tomatoes", "Killer Tomatoes Strike Back" and "Killer Tomatoes Eat France"!

But did you know he runs marathons now?  Of course you did. Because like me, you camped out last year to get a glimpse of him running by during the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg.  No?  Just me?  Oh...OK.  Well, I got that picture at Mile #10.  (Photo credit: ME)

Happy Birthday Sean!!
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