Christal Blue

Birth Date:  March 4, 1975   (Wait, did I just tell you how hold I am?)
Hometown:  I’m a Navy brat, so that’s tough to pinpoint.  I was born in Orlando, FL.  I grew up in Norfolk, VA; St. Paul, MN; Portland, ME; and Carlton, MN.  Then I spent 15 years in Grand Forks, ND (don’t ask me why, it’s really cold there) and now my hometown is the beautiful Fredericksburg, VA.
Favorite SuperHits Group:  I can’t choose just one, so I’ll try and narrow it down, anything that falls under “hairband” or “boyband.”
Favorite TV Show:  I’m addicted to the Food Network and the Travel Channel, and I’ll watch anything hosted by my celebrity crush, Adam Richman.
Favorite Food:  Anything chocolate, seafood, Italian, pretty much anything edible.
Favorite Place To Hang Out:  On a sandy beach somewhere in the sun.
Best Thing About The Fredericksburg Area:  The living history around every corner, to step out my front door onto hallowed ground is pretty amazing.  I love to visit the battlefields and wander through historic downtown.
My Secret Talent:  I can tune out people like nobody’s business, just ask my teenagers…and my boyfriend.
One Thing You Don't Know About Me:  I’m a bona fide Parrot Head, going on 20 years now.  I can’t get enough Jimmy Buffett.
How I Got Into Radio:  Cleavage
What I'd Be Doing If I Wasn't On 95.9:  I’d be in Key West, at a desk in front of an open window with a sea breeze blowing in, writing a novel.
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